Java Contactor is a cross-platform, contact management, scheduling and email marketing tool. Java Contactor runs on all these platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Sun, AIX, Linux, BSD, HP-UX.

Java PIM

Java Contactor helps businesses and individuals reach out and keep in contact.

Making contact was never so easy.

Conduct email marketing campaigns, print mail labels, keep schedules and sync your lists over the Internet.
Java Contactor's contact list is easy to use, and has an 8-way search function to find contacts quickly.
Java Contactor saves tasks, meetings and events in a familiar calendar.

List Management

Use Java Contactor to create and manage groups, then use the built-in feature to send email. No special email accounts or complicated set-up is involved, and you can use Java Contactor with your existing email account. Use Java Contactor to print out mail labels for direct mail campaigns.

Stay up to date

Use Java Contactor's powerful built-in merge function to manage changes, and keep your contacts synched up everywhere.

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