Java Contactor is a cross-platform, contact management, scheduling and email marketing tool. Java Contactor runs on all these platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Sun, AIX, Linux, BSD, HP-UX.

Purchasing the Java Contactor

Purchase the Java Contactor through RegNow software payment service. Your license key will be emailed to your email account immediately upon payment.

If you have any questions please contact the Java Contactor customer support.

Java Contactor (v) 4.0 distribution

The downloadable version of the Java Contactor easily supports up to 25,000 contacts. For versions supporting up to 10 million contacts, please contact Smiling Dog Applications consulting. The minimum machine configuration requires 128 Megabytes of available RAM and 10 Megabytes disk space.
Windows, Mac OSX and UNIX 25K - works on up to 25,000 Contacts, price $14.95 .
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