Java Contactor is a cross-platform, contact management, scheduling and email marketing tool. Java Contactor runs on all these platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Sun, AIX, Linux, BSD, HP-UX.

Smiling Dog Applications

With over 12 years of consulting experience Smiling Dog Applications can help your business achieve its email and direct marketing goals.

Smiling Dog Applications, LLC.
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Smiling Dog Applications has worked in direct and email marketing for over 12 years and has the expertise to help your business achieve its goals. With experience at consumer goods companies such as Canon, M&M Mars, Johnson & Johnson and Minute Maid, Smiling Dog Applications can help craft a direct or email marketing campaign that drives customers to your products. With experience at Media companies like Time Inc. and 24/7 Media, Smiling Dog Applications can help boost subscription and Internet response rates. Contact Smiling Dog Applications today.

List Management

Smiling Dog Applications can help businesses large and small with list management services. If you would like to use the Java Contactor to conduct email or direct marketing champaigns and your lists are not easily imported, Smiling Dog Applications can help. Contact Smiling Dog Applications today and inquire about hiring Smiling Dog Applications to create a custom import of your data into the Java Contactor.

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