Java Contactor is a cross-platform, contact management, scheduling and email marketing tool. Java Contactor runs on all these platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Sun, AIX, Linux, BSD, HP-UX.


Email Marketing Software - Use the Java Contactor software to manage your email marketing campaigns.

Small Business CRM Software - Manage your customer relationships through email and publishing calendars of events.

Print Address Labels - Conduct direct marketing campaigns and print standard Avory mail labels.

Do It Yourself Email Marketing - Create professional email marketing campaigns by yourself.

Small Business Database - Store contact, calendar and password data.

Contact Management Software - Maintain customer segments in a fully customizable contact management software package.

Email Newsletter - Create and distribute email newsletters to reach your customers regularly.

Password Manager - Maintain unique, hard to guess passwords to safeguard your assets.

Small Business Email Marketing - Keep your customers informed about your products and services.

Java Contactor - Small Business CRM software

The Java Contactor provides core small business CRM software features such as email marketing and email newsletter delivery, address label printing to support direct mail campaigns, customer contact management and customer segmentation through groups. Download a copy of the Java Contactor and get started today.

Java Contactor (v) 4 for Microsoft Windows
Java Contactor (v) 4 for Mac OSX
Java Contactor (v) 3 UNIX

Quick Start using the Java Contactor small business CRM software

For a quick start to using the Java Contactor small business CRM software, follow the links to get started.

Importing customer contact lists
Printing address labels
Setting email preferences
Sending out email campaigns
When you need to answer more questions about how use the Java Contactor as a small business CRM software tool, use the extensive help section.

Why use the Java Contactor for your small business CRM software?

Small business marketing includes calling customers on the phone, taking out Yellow Pages ads, direct mail campaigns, billboards and TV commercials. All these marketing programs are time-tested methods for reaching out to customers, but the Java Contactor specializes in email and direct marketing. To get started using the Java Contactor to conduct email marketing campaigns, all you need is your customer email lists and a regular Internet connection. You can send professional looking HTML based email and send emails to each person individually. Compare this with using a regular email program where you bcc everyone on the list and there is no personalized greeting. If you need to conduct direct marketing campaigns, use the Java Contactor to print Avory style mail labels to various customer segmentations. To choose the best direct mail solution using control groups using the Java Contactor, define sample customer segments, print mail labels for each group and choose from the most successful direct mail campaign.