Java Contactor is a cross-platform, contact management, scheduling and email marketing tool. Java Contactor runs on all these platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Sun, AIX, Linux, BSD, HP-UX.


Email Marketing Software - Use the Java Contactor software to manage your email marketing campaigns.

Small Business CRM Software - Manage your customer relationships through email and publishing calendars of events.

Print Address Labels - Conduct direct marketing campaigns and print standard Avory mail labels.

Do It Yourself Email Marketing - Create professional email marketing campaigns by yourself.

Small Business Database - Store contact, calendar and password data.

Contact Management Software - Maintain customer segments in a fully customizable contact management software package.

Email Newsletter - Create and distribute email newsletters to reach your customers regularly.

Password Manager - Maintain unique, hard to guess passwords to safeguard your assets.

Small Business Email Marketing - Keep your customers informed about your products and services.

Java Contactor - Small Business Database

Store customer contact information, events and passwords out of the box or rename any field for your own purpose. For example, rename the fields to another language or repurpose one or more fields in seconds. Instantly search on any field or combination of fields to drill down into your data. Pick fields to export and display search results into a spreadsheet format that can easily be copy-pasted into Excel or other spreadsheet programs. Store passwords in encrypted format to safeguard your assets or rename the password fields to store any information in encrypted format. Download a copy of the Java Contactor and get started today.

Java Contactor (v) 4 for Microsoft Windows
Java Contactor (v) 4 for Mac OSX
Java Contactor (v) 3 UNIX

Quick Start with the Java Contactor small business database

Follow the links below for a quick start to using the Java Contactor small business database.

Importing contact (or customized) lists
Searching and drilling down on data
Display and Printing contact (or customized) lists
Merging contact (or customized) lists
Storing encrypted data in the Java Contactor
When you need to answer more questions about how to use the Java Contactor small business database, use the extensive help section.

Why use the Java Contactor small business database?

The Java Contactor is setup to hold contacts, events and passwords. Want to store something else besides contacts? No problem, simply rename any (or all) of the 24 fields and you can store any data you want. Export the data into spreadsheet format to copy-paste into Excel. Store your passwords in encrypted format to maintain separate, hard-to-guess passwords for every site that you go to in order to protect your identity and safeguard your assets. Want to store alternate data in an encrypted format using 128-bit DES PKI encryption? Simply rename any of the 5 fields in the password database and you've got a safe storage of your private small business database information.